Our history

While Antmicro was founded in 2009, the history behind it extends much further into the past.

The core of the group that is Antmicro had worked together previously in university research and industrial R&D, and it is this great cooperation that fuelled the drive to go on to even more exciting things.

In 2009 and before our main focus was EU projects, with a major intelligent device system within water treatment that we would go on to help develop to this day, as well as many smaller systems that we're equally proud of within intelligent transportation, civil services, telecommunication etc.

In 2010 we started performing services for the Swedish market, a natural target as some of us had lived in Scandinavian countries and speak the languages. It is then we built our first partnerships and established a large base of contacts which would later prove indispensable.

The year 2011 saw Antmicro enter ├śresund IT (now Cluster 55), confirming its presence in the ├śresund region, and further pursue Stockholm as the other major focus area. It is there that our closest partner, Realtime Embedded resides, and, more often that not, we're in Stockholm to discuss our cooperation within virtual platforms. Two other major developments in 2011 were entering the OpenRISC ecosystem as well as expanding our customer base to Norway.

Early 2012 has been quite eventful as well. In January we became members in Wielkopolska ICT cluster and in February - founding members of the Swedish initiative to create a first consumer-oriented Internet of Things Centre.



building embedded solutions with virtual platforms




Configurable RTOS for embedded systems