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We're an embedded software company which puts people before technology. And we're very fond of our technology.

Antmicro is a small, privately owned company, and we see that strong relations to our collaborators and customers as well as a great team with know-how in modern embedded systems as our biggest assets.

Although our main focus is providing embedded software expertise, we are not only service providers, but also enablers of new technologies and skilled intregrators. We have often brought together seemingly incompatible solutions to form a uniform whole and used consumer electronic notions - such as the drive for compelling user interfaces - for industry.

We create embedded software from the kernel/driver level upwards - ending with data processing, analysis and visualisation where needed - but a large network of contacts and partners, and a very good and reliable hardware designer and manufacturer has allowed us to tackle bigger jobs, also those including hardware.

As a company as well as individually we are active in open source, open hardware and numerous Swedish, Polish and European initiatives, to stay on the forefront of all new developments in, and on the borders of, embedded systems.

To remain familiar with the cutting-edge of embedded, we perform a lot of R&D work, and most gladly help in prototyping and new product development. We pride ourselves at being fast - like creating an embedded Tegra 2 computer in under 2 months, hardware and software wise. If you are not sure if your project is feasible, mail us. We're pretty sure it is, given the right people.


Intelligent devices

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multi-CPU embedded computer based on Cortex processors