A customizable platform with modern, well-supported CPUs will get you exactly where you need.

The Brilliant is an embedded computer created with industrial applications in mind, but it can well be used in media, data collection or other settings.

It is a highly modular solution, featuring Cortex-A8 and Cortex-M3 processor modules, a power control module, a backup power module and numerous ports and transmission modules, all fitting in an m350 mini-ITX case. The completely independent Cortex-A8 subsystem, responsible for data collection, processing and transmission can also be fitted in a 310x120mm Hammond casing.

A prototype Tegra Cortex-A9 version was also built in under two months before Embedded World 2011, together with porting the bootloader and a Linux kernel. Right now a TI-OMAP Cortex-A9 version is under way.

We also are glad to offer customized designs based on this solution. Wherever you need Cortex-based or similar ARM embedded computers with wide connectivity options, we can provide you with a proven design.

Since the architecture and peripherals used in the Brilliant are the ones we particularly specialize in, we offer complex software services around it and similar hardware. Linux and eCos are our preferred choices, for which we can provide proven software stacks for controlling other devices, data acquisition, processing and transmission, locally hosted web access system etc. We can also reuse the code and driver base to quickly provide custom applications and other OS support.


Hardware and FPGA

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Intelligent devices

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