An eye-catching Web system for remote management runnable also on the embedded device is a great selling point for your intelligent system.

The Watchman lets the users and operators keep a watchful eye on their devices if they like, and if they have more important things to do, just stop paying attention to them and still get notified about important events.

Replacing SCADAs and similar solutions with modern Web technologies and programming languages, using a careful separation of the system logic from the presentation layers, the system is easily extensible and infinitely customizable in terms of its visual side.

Through Watchman, the user can comfortably access the system with their PC or mobile device, with a possibility of buffering data on a concentrator node to save transmission bandwidth. The devices themselves can also provide a touchscreen interface for local access, with a possibility of separating permissions and functions or even providing completely different interfaces depending on access type.

Data visualisation with live graphs, dynamic tables, generable animated system overview drawings are just some of the features of Watchman, and it can be further customized and developed for your - and your customers' - particular needs.


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