Embedded and mobile apps

What the users can see is what they care about most, so let us assist you in making your applications inspiring.

The struggle to provide the best possible infrastructure and devices it is easy lose focus the end user experience and the service that is provided itself.

Fortunately, also in embedded and especially in mobile systems, great applications are being built, no longer with just great functionality, but also fantastic usability.

Design - broadly understood - is coming into the spotlight, resulting in well designed APIs which make it easy to extend and enrich applications and use the available data in creative ways, and well designed UIs which provide a new level of user experience.

In embedded operator panels just as in mobile devices, we like simplicity and intuitiveness, advocating a clear separation of presentation and logic for the applications we create for our customers. Whether it is HTML5+CSS3 and SQLite or the framebuffer and files with data, if it is well thought out, it will be a compelling piece of software.

Coming from a computer science background we know that users are won with good software and the best application to do the job is the one the user finds transparent.



Fast and flexible C# serialization framework




intelligent device remote supervision system