Emulation & modelling

Virtual test environments running your real code are a fast and cost-effective way to ensure quality - try them.

Models and emulation are gathering increasing attention as it is no longer feasible to test more and more complex device systems. That is why in our work we make use of many tools of the kind.

Through our own experience with emulation software, we can offer services in hardware model creation, as well as extending and porting QEMU (see for example this blog post as well as our ports for e.g. Freescale i.mx23 or NVIDIA Tegra2).

We also create models and for industrial processes to allow virtual test environments, easily customisable and extensible to feature various setups. In fact, we have our own emulation and modelling solutions - if you are interested in those topics, see the Products section!

In this area Antmicro cooperates with Realtime Embedded, who also have extensive experience in virtual platforms and writing virtual hardware models.



building embedded solutions with virtual platforms




Fast and flexible C# serialization framework