Build your new high-performance product based on NVIDIA® Jetson™ TK1 & Jetson™ TX1 Embedded Platform with Antmicro.

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Our Services

Antmicro offers complex services covering both:

hardware development for custom, small form-factor electronics with specialized I/Os for NVIDIA® Tegra® 3/K1/X1 SoMs

complex software development including Linux and Android BSPs, camera drivers, middleware, applications

implementation of GPGPU processing, CUDA®, deep learning and embedded vision algorithms

Why NVIDIA® Tegra®?

The NVIDIA® Tegra® embedded CPU line is widely renowned for its graphics and video performance, and already since 2010 - when the first dual-core embedded CPU on a SoM was released by our partner Toradex - Antmicro has been helping customers to successfully implement high-performance applications taking advantage of Tegra's multiple ARM cores and powerful integrated graphics.

With the appearance of CUDA®-enabled Tegra® K1 and its follow-up, X1, with 192 Kepler™ and 256 Maxwell™ GPU cores respectively, the Tegra® line gains powerful generic GPU computational capabilities. CUDA® programming (as well as OpenCL) can be used both for video processing as well as deep learning or other floating-point calculations, enabling new areas which require substantial computational capabilities in a small form factor such as robotics, drones, defense, ADAS, medical imaging or avionics.

As an NVIDIA® Jetson™ Ecosystem Partner, Antmicro helps customers build tailored products featuring NVIDIA® technology and helps deliver successful projects in shorter time.

Antmicro has helped build a wide range of high-performance customer solutions and reference designs with the Tegra® line of CPUs.

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