Open source 4K filmmaking camera

The AXIOM is a global project driven by the apertus community set to create world’s first open source and open hardware, fully professional camera for filmmakers - by filmmakers. The aim is to offer ‘a variety of powerful, affordable, free (in terms of liberty), sustainable and open digital cinema tools’ and - redefine the industry.


A blend of open art and science, apertus’ third iteration of the breakthrough modular camera, the AXIOM Gamma, is definitely one of Antmicro’s most exciting ventures into the realm of open source. We are responsible for the design and development of the device’s FPGA firmware and software, so in practice - the device’s intelligence. Besides apertus and Antmicro, other partners of the AXIOM Gamma consortium are AF inventions which designs the camera electronics, Denz - responsible for the mechanical and optical design, and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, responsible for project management, dissemination, and marketing.

With strong support from both individuals (AXIOM Beta was successfully crowdfunded at Indiegogo) and institutions (backed by the EU Horizon 2020 programme), the project has all the necessary momentum to try to prove that open source can be used as a powerful tool to revolutionize the movie-making industry.

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