Configurable RTOS for embedded systems

The Embedded Configurable Operating System, (eCos) is a free and open source real-time operating system, which runs across a range of small (e.g. Cortex-M) to fairly large (e.g. PowerPC and Cortex-A) embedded devices, providing extensive configurability as well as POSIX and uITRON compatibility, where needed.

The system was originally created by Cygnus Solutions and taken over by RedHat, to be finally released into the open source domain under the governance of the Free Software Foundation.

Alongside other open source RTOS that we work with (like FreeRTOS, RTEMS and Contiki), over the years we have successfully implemented eCos in many embedded devices and open sourced a number of ports and features.

Among other things, we have ported and adapted eCos 3.0 to:

We have run eCos in asynchronous multi-processing (AMP) setups alongside Linux, run it on multiple cores as well as added support for PCIexpress and the JFFS for NAND filesystem. The two latter features are open sourced thanks to our client, EMC Corporation.

We maintain a distribution of eCos with those features on our company Github.

eCos is a registered trademark of eCosCentric Limited

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