Open source embedded systems emulator

Renode is Antmicro’s open source framework that allows development teams to build, debug and test software for multi-node device systems reliably, scalably and efficiently.

It enables running unmodified software for embedded devices on a PC for development and testing of large wireless or wired networks without the need for physical hardware.

Renode introduces a comprehensive workflow for embedded IoT developers covering test automation, security hardening and continuous integration in both single devices as well as massive multi-node scenarios.

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The framework was created by Antmicro based on the company’s extensive experience drawn from a large pool of embedded systems and IoT projects where common problems included the difficulty to exactly recreate a development setup between developers and teams, lack of repeatability, obscurity of the execution environment, and exponentially increasing complexity of debug and test where more than one core, CPU or device is involved. A highly modular, scriptable and API-driven framework, Renode has been built from the ground up to address the shortcomings of existing tools and pains of everyday embedded systems programming.

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