Careers - AI Engineer


Want to build devices running next-generation AI?

In the AI team we work with latest AI technologies, focusing on introducing AI into edge computing platforms. The core of our work is helping Antmicro’s customers build sophisticated vision systems. We work closely with hardware vendors (NVIDIA, NXP, Xilinx) and we often are early adopters of new processing platforms.

AI Engineer

As a team member you’ll be responsible for designing AI system architectures (deep neural networks, machine learning algorithms, vision algorithms etc.) to handle desired tasks. You will implement, train and test AI algorithms. Your tasks will include optimizing and fitting algorithms to fully utilize a chosen hardware platform. In your everyday work, you will use Linux and develop for Linux or other open source operating systems. You will be encouraged to automate your workflow with scripting whenever possible. You will be responsible for writing automated tests and Continuous Integration scripts for validating the software you create. Simulations with 3D game engines, as a way of training and testing the developed algorithms, will also be part of your workflow.

AI Engineer


  • Bachelor or Master degree in computer science, electronics or related fields
  • understanding the basics of computer architectures
  • expertise in C/C++
  • experience with bash, git, gcc, make
  • knowledge of Linux and its internals
  • experience with Python and / or other scripting languages
  • knowledge of TensorFlow / Caffe
  • understanding of neural network architectures
  • knowledge of CUDA / OpenCL / OpenCV
  • knowledge of computer vision algorithms
  • knowledge of the latest trends in AI
  • interest in algorithmics
  • good command of English
  • ability and willingness to learn and work as part of a team
  • full-time employment only (no B2B, no agencies)
  • valid work permit for Poland/European Union

If you meet the listed criteria and want to join our team, apply by filling in our application form.

If you are still studying full-time, but wish to apply for the position in the future, you can take an internship program with us.

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