New IoT project with SICS and ST Microelectronics: SeCThings


The Internet of Things, which according to various estimations will comprise 50-200 billion devices with various degrees of autonomy and intelligence, continues to be a large focus for Antmicro, which finds a reflection in the company’s research activities.

In cooperation with SICS, STMicroelectronics, Realtime Embedded and Yanzi Antmicro is participating in SeCThings: An Open Sensor Cloud Platform for the Interoperable Internet of Things, a project funded from Vinnova.

The project focuses on wireless platforms based on ST microelectronics CPUs, the Contiki OS originally developed inside SICS, automated testing and interoperability between various IoT software technologies.

You can read more about the project in English on SICS’ website and see the original project definition at the Vinnova pages (only in Swedish).