Updated industrial Android released on Toradex Tegra and i.MX6 modules


A couple of months ago we wrote a note about bringing Android 5.0 (codenamed Lollipop) to the Apalis Tegra T30 SoM platform. Our Android port turned some heads at Embedded World 2015 as we presented it even before most smartphone owners (including us!) got it on their devices.

Android Lollipop

Working with various Android projects, we see that usually Android ports are very platform-specific, with vastly divergent codebases. What we were missing was a cross-platform solution that can work with both Cortex-A9 platforms provided by Toradex.

That is why the underlying goal has been to also support Toradex’ Freescale i.MX6 module with our port. In the meantime, we added support for the T30 Colibri format and updated the Android version to Android 5.1 – and now finally an OS image that supports both T30 and i.MX6 can be downloaded from the Toradex developer site.

Installing our Android on both the Tegra and i.MX6 SoMs is relatively easy – just follow the instructions below.

Connect your module to your PC and enter recovery mode. For more detailed instructions on recovery mode look here.
Run the update script as root:

sudo ./update.sh

Choose your module and (in case of T30) your display and proceed.
After a successful installation, turn on your device and wait until you see the Android logo.
Check it out and let us know – we’re looking forward to hearing about your next Android project!