Antmicro to participate in inaugural CHIPS Alliance Workshop


The inaugural CHIPS Alliance Workshop, due to start tomorrow, June 19th, 2019 at Google’s Sunnyvale campus, CA, will see member companies Antmicro, Esperanto, Google, SiFive and Western Digital welcoming industry stakeholders and developers for an introduction to the organization’s principles and goals.

Antmicro at CHIPS Alliance Workshop

“The workshop will focus on open source hardware, software tools, RTL development and related topics. Presentations will be made by member companies and attendees will also have a forum to propose RTL design and development ideas. Workshop attendees will learn more about our organization and the RTL designs we will be developing. Attendees can network and meet with CHIPS Alliance members and the Board of Directors.”

With Antmicro having recently become the fifth member of CHIPS Alliance, Michael Gielda, VP Business Development will be giving a talk on “Open Source Tools: cocotb and Verilator support” at 11:40 am, revealing our recent work in this area.

CHIPS Alliance aims at developing high-quality, open source hardware designs relevant to silicon devices and FPGAs, which will ultimately result in lowered development costs and improved transfer of knowledge throughout the industry.

For the full agenda, visit the CHIPS Alliance Workshop page at