Vision Systems

Combining FPGA SoC and CPU/GPU knowledge is a great advantage in advanced vision systems.

In the area of vision systems and high-speed signals, among other things, Antmicro has worked with the Swiss module vendor Toradex around their Tegra® SoM line and with various camera sensors operating at up to full-HD image resolutions.

We have provided solutions to numerous customers seeking excellence in high-speed video processing through latest technologies such as the NVIDIA Tegra® family.


Video playback/camera drivers, gstreamer pipelines, MIPI CSI-2


Stereovision, 360° vision, stitching

We develop state-of-the-art custom cameras, including multi-camera setups and energy-efficient yet powerful drone cameras.

Based on the reference computer vision platforms we have developed as part of our in-house R&D, Antmicro can offer services in advanced vision systems involving:


like Xilinx Zynq/UltraScale+

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like NVIDIA Tegra® T30/K1/X1/X2

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Learn more about solutions offered for challenging industries such as robotics and drones, e.g. GPU-accelerated object detection systems.

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Ask us how to introduce high-speed stereovision into areas such as production quality assurance and mining.

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