Antmicro is a software-driven tech company developing edge computing systems for various branches of industry, such as robotics, defence, civil security, computer vision, broadcasting, as well as the Internet of Things. With cross-competence in software, full-stack FPGA SoC, edge to cloud AI, high-end hardware, and relying on its own open source development tools, Antmicro delivers practical solutions and guidance to customers looking to innovate by embracing cutting-edge technologies.

Antmicro offers applied R&D services, prototyping, new product development and assistance in adoption of modern technologies and workflows, both in hardware and software areas, with all of the company’s projects involving an array of open source technologies.

As a company, as well as individually, we are active in open software and open hardware, which we consider a strong foundation for transparent, shared development processes based on good practices.

To remain at the cutting-edge of embedded systems, Antmicro performs a significant amount of R&D work in-house, and partners with other innovators across the field of advanced computing systems worldwide.