Human-Machine Inter­faces

A seamless, fast and reliable Human-Machine Interface is fundamental in any responsive embedded solution

Regardless whether we are talking about small form factors in miniature portable devices or multi-layered control panels in great production plants, Antmicro knows how to make HMIs work, look and feel great.

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… include: smartwatches, portable instruments, wall-mounted displays and vending machines.

Building on our extensive in-house R&D, Antmicro has designed a user interface library that allows to embed a good-looking, intuitive GUI even in lower-end, microcontroller-based devices with power and unit cost limitations via a simple XML description, with basic CSS and JS support. We have also built our own FPGA graphics IP to accelerate the UI even on GPU-less systems.

Many partners choose our Industrial Android package, which is, as the name suggests, a great option for customers looking to introduce innovation to their factories, plants and devices through user-friendly, familiar-looking HMIs.


Our Android 5.1, 6.0 and 7.1 implementations are available for different architectures and screens of various sizes. Read more about Industrial Android here: