We help early adopters of RISC-V reap the benefit of the groundbreaking technology.

As a RISC-V Platinum Founding Member, Antmicro offers extensive services to mitigate early adopter issues in building real RISC-V systems. We use open tools & workflows to enhance automation and reuse. And we help connect to right partners & communities.

Antmicro works to strengthen the software and FPGA ecosystem of RISC-V, collaborating with parties such as Google, Microsemi, NXP, Western Digital and Thales.

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With tools like the Renode simulation framework, proven FPGA implementations and comprehensive development services, Antmicro drives adoption of RISC-V in real-world applications.

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Get started with Risc-V

Proof of Concepts (PoC), prototyping, hardware platforms

Early software adoption (e.g. porting operating systems, edge AI frameworks, build systems)

Renode simulation framework for faster, better quality SW development

Custom, open-source-based FPGA IPs, tools & integrations


Renode is Antmicro’s open source development and testing framework which lets you simulate physical hardware systems - including both the CPU, peripherals, sensors, environment and wired or wireless connections between nodes.

Renode helps solve new engineering challenges presented by building new RISC‑V based or heterogeneous, multi-architecture systems:

  • drastically reduce design cycles
  • rapidly explore architecture trade spaces
  • engage in effective hardware/software co-design
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Read more about the Renode project at our dedicated website.

Renode’s open source nature combined with professional support from Antmicro make it a great choice for enabling development communities to experience your new RISC-V platform in a software-centric workflow that encourages continuous testing and reuse:

  • recommended and used by players in the RISC-V Foundation
  • open source license, modular building blocks, flexible structure - a natural fit for the open and extendible RISC-V ISA
  • easy to create new hardware configurations (existing and in-development)

Read more about how the industry is using Renode to work with RISC-V:

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