Swedish Internet of Things Day in Stockholm



As a result of our continued interest in smart devices and the Internet of Things as well as cooperation with Swedish universities and research institutions, we were honoured with the invitation to participate in the creation of a new initiative – the Swedish Inernet of Things Centre, whose beautiful logo you can see above. The main actor behind the initiative, SICS, wants to give the project a kick-start in the form of a very promising event, the Internet of Things Day in Stockholm, on February 9.

Several hundred people are expected to attend, among them representatives of other companies and institutions that co-create the SIoTC – with Ericsson, Microsoft, KTH, Mobile Life, Stockholm University, Wisenet, Swedish ICT, Company P, Vendolocus and ourselves among them – which makes the SIoT Day a very interesting place to find connections and partners in IoT-related projects, as well as learn what’s ‘in’ in this pretty hot topic.

We’ll also be co-hosting one of the poster/demos during the 15.15 session, but more info on that later!

The full agenda

  • 9.30 Welcome, Christer Norström, CEO of SICS
  • 9.35 Why a consumer-oriented Internet of Things centre in Sweden?, Kristina Höök, head of the centre
  • 10.00 Keynote by Bu Fanjin, deputy Chief Engineer of CEST, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China: China Internet of Things Plan 2011-2015
  • 10.45 Keynote by Mike Kuniavsky, Orangecone, US: The Internet of people: integrating Internet of Things technologies is not a technical problem
  • 11.30 Living with Internet of Things, Oskar Juhlin, Mobile Life
  • 12.00 Lunch
  • 13.00 Device software challenges, Adam Dunkels, SICS
  • 13.30 Big data challenges, Ali Ghodsi, KTH
  • 14.00 Finding values in big data, Jan Höller, Ericsson Research
  • 14.30 Allowing everyone to create embedded systems, Steve Hodges, .NET Gadgeteer
  • 15.00 A training app for the Swedish Olympic cross country ski team, Christer Norström
  • 15.15 Coffee and demos

For more info, visit http://www.sics.se/Internet_of_Things_Day