Swedish Internet of Things Centre application filed


April came and went blazing fast due to how much was going on, both internationally and here at Antmicro. One of the highlights of the month was the putting together of the Swedish Internet of Things Centre application, which is now filed and waiting for a green light – we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

The consumer-oriented IoT centre, with joint participation of universities, research institutes, municipalities as well as large and small companies is undoubtedly a fantastic idea but is facing a strong competition from other great projects. Undoubtedly whether or not we are one of the lucky 20, it is certain that the expression of the will to cooperate between so many partners in this interesting field is a good thing in itself, and cooperation within the consortium is already taking place.

When it comes to the project itself, Antmicro has declared a 500 000 SEK contribution in kind, delivering it’s know-how in virtual platforms for new Internet of Things devices. We are hoping that with our input we can share in the realization of the vision of service-oriented IoT systems. And after the very positive reaction to our presence at the IoT day we were encouraged to participate all the more.

You will be able to track the results of the project at SICS’ and Vinnova’s site.