Preview of Android for the Enclustra ZX3 Zynq module


It’s been some time since we last wrote about the Zynq, which is not to say that we have stopped to deal with this great technology. It’s interesting to see the process of its adoption and how it brings people from two neighbouring worlds – embedded software and FPGA – together.

Just to whep up your appetite on what we are doing now, a video of Android running on the Enclustra Mars ZX3 module.

The Zynq module running our port of Android was presented at or joint stand with Enclustra at Embedded World 2013 in Nurnberg, and gathered a lot of positive feedback, since the dual-core ARM Processing System of Zynq is more than capable of running the system smoothly, and the Programmable Logic gives a lot of additional possibilities.

Alongside the physical hardware, we also demoed our virtual platform solution, Emul8, running the same Android binary on a PC. We were positively surprised with the interesting conversations and leads this sparked up!

A full account of Embedded World, with all the developments in the industry that might be of interest as well as our impression on where the market is going will follow soon.

As for the Android port, soon we will be publishing it while continuing our work on our GitHub, courtesy of Enclustra.