Android for Enclustra Mars ZX3 Zynq module released


With summer in full swing, we are happy to announce our long awaited port of Android for the Zynq module from Enclustra to those of you who still want some excitement before they leave for holidays – if you have no time to lose, head straight to our Mars ZX3 Android github project to get the necessary files and installation guide.

The Android guide is pretty minimalistic right now, but it should be enough to enjoy this OS on the Zynq module. If you need any help in the process, please write us at – we will welcome any suggestions as to how to make the installation procedure as simple and complete as possible.

What is important, Enclustra have began the mass production of the Zynq on April 9, which means anyone can now lay their hands on the Zynq in their own design, where the heavy lifting around the CPU has been done by this excellent Swiss HW manufacturer.

And thanks to our cooperation, the programmable logic of the Zynq can now be harnessed together with Android.

If you are planning a Zynq design, you can now enjoy an excellent coverage of operating systems to pick from, including Android and eCos ports by Antmicro.

Go ahead and see the video our friends at Enclustra have produced to catch everyone’s interest: