Antmicro joins IPSO Alliance


We are pleased to announce that Antmicro AB (our Swedish branch) is now a part of the IPSO Alliance – an organisation promoting the Internet Protocol (IP) standard as the basis for IoT. Through marketing, education and standardisation activities IPSO helps IP-based smart objects and companies producting them to grow and gain widespread recognition.

IPSO Alliance logo

IPSO serves as a forum for tech companies (ranging from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises) coming from various verticals and parts of the world to discuss their experiences and plans regarding bringing IP to new frontiers. As always the diversity of points of view serves as a perfect background for both innovation and entrepreneurship.

We also had the pleasure of participating in the member meeting organised by IPSO which took place in Stockholm last month, as well the interop meeting that followed it. It was great to see tick after tick appearing in the product compatibility table drafted on the whiteboard at the premises of SICS Swedish ICT, our kind hosts.

At Antmicro we believe that the way to advance the Internet of Things is through using standardised and scalable technologies such as IP, and thus we are a proud member of the IPSO Alliance.