U-Boot for Colibri Tegra 2 pushed to github


In our post from over a year ago we published some patches to U-Boot which allowed us to use it with the Colibri Tegra 2 module from Toradex, the first widely available embedded SoM featuring an Nvidia CPU.

A long time has passed since then, and – as you can probably see if you follow the blog – we have been busy with lots of other things in the meantime. But as we have noticed that the code lives on and has been put to good use, we thought it a good idea to include it on our github for more convenience and a clearer picture – the original manner of publishing of the code was the result of the haste which always accompanies work with hot technologies.

Our github fork of U-Boot shows how the necessary patches are applied in the proper order and might be helpful for people exploring how bootloaders are ported between different ARM modules and boards.

It is worth noting that those changes were performed before we got any CPU datasheets from Nvidia, using virtual platform tools that we are developing. This was a great example of a scenario where the appropriate tools really made a difference!

If you are interested in open source and new embedded technologies, follow us throughout the summer (the easiest way to do is through our twitter) – there will be a lot going on. One of the more interesting technologies we are already working with is Xilinx Zynq, be sure to come back soon for updates about that and other really interesting topics.