Running RedBoot on Enclustra’s ZX3 Zynq module


For the past few weeks we have been busy porting eCos to Encustra’s Zynq module, with a partial sponsorship from the Swiss company. The initial version of the port is ready, eCos passes most tests and it is possible to run RedBoot – the eCos bootloader – on the board.

With the ability to directly download and boot ELF files, RedBoot is definitely an interesting alternative to U-Boot, typically used to boot Linux for the Zynq. RedBoot is also a handy tool when it comes to debugging the application code. RedBoot can be loaded automatically by Xilinx’s first stage bootloader, using the boot header mechanism.
RedBoot on the ZX3 Zynq module

Currently, our version of RedBoot has limited functionality, but it will evolve as we go on to provide a complete set of drivers and some interesting functionalities that we will show in upcoming posts.

ITR GmbH has donated some of the basic platform code for Zynq, which was valuable help.