Mars ZX3 DVI module


The Mars ZX3 module from Enclustra is primarily dedicated for embedded applications, as its availability in versions operating at industrial temperatures would suggest.

Mars ZX3 DVI board

Perhaps just as importantly, it can double as a quite powerful Cortex-A9 computer with an FPGA on board – an all-round processing platform.

Given the fact that it can run Linux and Android just as well as it can a RTOS, it is desirable to also have some decent graphical output apart from the 7″ touch panel.

Thinking of that, we have just produced a DVI module for Mars ZX3 – so now you can enjoy a full HD Linux experience with the Zynq module.

Mars ZX3 DVI output

With some screen estate to match the computing power, the Zynq becomes a very interesting hardware choice, especially where video processing using the on-board FPGA is involved.

You can see the module in action on an image below. We will soon provide some HowTo material and some sources via our github.