Designing interactions using RPi – workshop


Following our previous involvement in the smart furniture project with the Human Touch Group, we were invited to participate in a workshop organized by The Talents Scholarship Fund, presenting the possibilities of using electronics like Raspberry Pi in design.

Raspberry Pi Workshop

The event was a dedicated service jam for promising young people from Poland. In hope of inspiring the talented junior high-schoolers and academic students, two of our colleagues demonstrated how a mini-computer like RPi comes in handy for all sorts of aspiring designers – from hardware developers to interior architects. The participants got their first hands-on-experience with RPi and some of them would go as far as checking out the insides of the devices we presented – to see it all for themselves. What can we say? That’s the spirit!

Introducing the younger generation to the possibilities that come with even basic coding is a great opportunity to broaden their horizons and promote a more interdisciplinary approach to learning. Many thanks to Mateusz and Hubert who, as we hear, were very popular with the students!

Antmicro is happy to inspire and promote technical skills among the talented young people from the Talents Scholarship Fund and will be definitely looking forward to their successful careers.