Antmicro is now a part of ARM Connected Community


Antmicro Ltd today announced it is a new member in the ARM® Connected Community, the industry’s largest ecosystem for ARM-based technology and services. As part of the ARM Connected Community, Antmicro Ltd will gain access to a full range of resources to help it market and deploy innovative solutions that will enable developers to get their ARM-based products to market faster.

ARM Connected Comunity

“Today’s world would not be the same without ARM-based systems and the culture of openness and accessibility built around them,” said Michael Gielda, business development manager, Antmicro Ltd. “We are ready to make full use of the support and knowledge offered by the ARM Connected Community and are excited to contribute with our expertise and open-minded business approach.”

Antmicro Ltd builds innovative solutions for its customers, combining broad experience in embedded development with knowledge about vision systems, FPGA as well as modern software methodologies. Antmicro Ltd lowers the barriers for adoption of new technologies by creating frameworks, demos and proof-of-concepts through internal R&D and in partnership with key industry players – ARM CPUs and open source being the main focus areas.

The ARM Connected Community is a global network of more than 1,200 companies aligned to provide a complete solution, from design to manufacture to end use, for products based on the ARM architecture. ARM offers a variety of resources to community members, including promotional programs, social media, industry events and peer-networking opportunities to accelerate the development of end-to-end customer solutions.

“The ARM Connected Community drives a competitive culture across the world’s technology markets, delivering the most innovative products and services in the fastest possible time,” said Dr. John Heinlein, vice president, corporate marketing, ARM. “Antmicro Ltd is set to play an important role in expanding the ARM architecture ecosystem. Its expertise will help to enhance the community’s abilities in developing operating systems and software frameworks for smart devices and IoT systems based on ARM processors.”

Complementing the program, the ARM Connected Community online collaboration platform is the place that makes it easier for developers to find information for ARM-based designs, applications and projects. It is an interactive platform for all end users, media and partners of the ARM ecosystem.

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Antmicro Ltd is an embedded technology company whose main focus is providing embedded development services for emerging applications and ecosystems. Building on internal R&D, Antmicro combines latest software and hardware technologies to create complex products for its customers. Antmicro’s projects often involve computer vision, FPGA SoCs, heterogeneous, multi-core and/or multi-node systems as well as operating systems like Linux, Android, FreeBSD and RTOS like eCos, ConTiki and RIOT.