Press release: RISC-V Founding Member Antmicro turns Platinum to bring a software-driven perspective


Antmicro is RISC-V Platinum Founding Member

Antmicro, an industrial R&D company combining latest software and hardware technologies to create advanced cyber-physical and edge AI products, and a Founding Member of the RISC-V Foundation, has announced that it is upgrading its status to Platinum to reflect its strong commitment to RISC-V.

Building on the worldwide momentum of the RISC-V initiative, Antmicro is committed to take its active role within the Foundation to a new level and assert leadership in the growing ecosystem by offering a uniquely software-driven perspective. With the opportunities available to Platinum Members, Antmicro aims to closely cooperate with other leaders of the consortium to advance open software and open hardware in new areas, including more conservative industries that are yet to benefit from an open standard ISA collaboration.

“RISC-V is an excellent match with our company’s values. Antmicro is a firm believer in the disruptive potential of RISC-V - both an outstanding computer science achievement and, what is becoming more evident every day, a game changer for the global status-quo in the business of new technologies”, said Peter Gielda, CEO at Antmicro.

RISC-V Foundation’s Executive Director Rick O’Connor comments: “Antmicro brings a software perspective that resonates well with the ISA’s free and open architecture. The Foundation welcomes Antmicro’s continued ecosystem contributions and its constant support for the ecosystem’s efforts”.

Antmicro has successfully introduced early software adoptions of RISC-V in commercial projects for customers in areas such as defence, space, IoT and vision systems. The company develops Proofs of Concepts, products, software and custom FPGA IP and integrations involving the RISC-V technology. Thanks to Renode, Antmicro’s own open source multi-node simulation framework with 32-bit RISC-V support released for the 7th RISC-V Workshop at Western Digital and 64-bit support to be presented at the 8th RISC-V Workshop at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, early adoptions of RISC-V are developed by companies within and outside the Foundation using an industry-proven, safe and scalable methodology that reflects the same ideas driving the open ISA philosophy.

Antmicro is also the official maintainer of RISC-V in the Zephyr Project, a scalable real-time operating system (RTOS) supporting multiple hardware architectures, optimized for resource constrained devices, and built with security in mind. Multi-node, Zephyr-based setups have already been demonstrated in real-world scenarios - Zephyr is also the RTOS controlling the open source RISC-V Badge designed by Antmicro and SiFive.

About RISC-V

RISC-V (pronounced “risk-five”) is a free and open ISA enabling a new era of processor innovation through open standard collaboration. Founded in 2015, the RISC-V Foundation comprises more than 100 members building the first open, collaborative community of software and hardware innovators powering innovation at the edge forward. Born in academia and research, RISC-V ISA delivers a new level of free, extensible software and hardware freedom on architecture, paving the way for the next 50 years of computing design and innovation.

The RISC-V Foundation, a non-profit corporation controlled by its members, directs the future development and drives the adoption of the RISC-V ISA. Members of the RISC-V Foundation have access to and participate in the development of the RISC-V ISA specifications and related HW / SW ecosystem.

About Antmicro

Antmicro is a software-driven tech company developing leading edge cyber-physical and edge AI systems for various branches of industry. Antmicro provides applied R&D for customers worldwide, offering assistance in prototyping, new product development and adoption of modern embedded technologies, both in the hardware and software area. The vast majority of Antmicro’s projects include a broad range of open source technologies such as RISC-V, Renode, Zephyr, Linux and Android.

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