NVIDIA announces Jetson Xavier™ NX compatible with Antmicro's Open Source Jetson baseboard


Topics: Open hardware, Edge AI

Today, NVIDIA announced yet another addition to the highly successful Jetson edge AI platform lineup - the Jetson Xavier NX, packing the processing power of the Jetson Xavier, including an up to 6-core CPU with a 384 core Volta GPU, into the Jetson Nano form factor - a 70x45mm SoM with a convenient 260-pin edge connector.

Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX

This development allows customers already using our open source baseboard or its customized variant designed by Antmicro for their specific needs, or interested in adopting our hardware platform soon, to immediately gain access to a convenient, fully-compatible performance upgrade for more demanding applications. To recoup, Antmicro’s baseboard is only 100x55mm in size, making it an interesting platform for prototyping and an excellent starting point for custom designs of space constrained devices.

3rd revision of the Antmicro Open Source Jetson Baseboard

This announcement falls in line with our ongoing development of the open source design, with the current, third generation of the board adding an M2 slot enabling users to extend our Nano baseboard with additional peripheral devices.

This allows us to quickly prototype devices which leverage the processing power of the Jetson NX or Nano to process lots of complex signals, adding I/O such as multiport Ethernet switches, custom FPGA extension boards for high-resolution SDI or HDMI data input and output etc. Antmicro’s comprehensive services in building both custom software and hardware for such complex scenarios help customers to get ahead of the market, enabling new, breakthrough applications as soon as the relevant hardware becomes available.

Antmicro's Open Source Jetson Baseboard

Our board’s capability to connect as many as 4 2-lane or 3 4-lane MIPI cameras, such as those coming from our partner Allied Vision, with whom we’re collaborating to support their entire plug-and-play ISP-enabled camera portfolio, make it ideal for video oriented applications. The additional processing power of the Jetson Xavier NX is a welcome extension for higher-end applications which we often build.

Build real products with Deep Learning capabilities

With up to 21 TOPS in Deep Learning capabilities (making the Xavier SoC the top contender in the recently released ML perf results), the module is a perfect match for our open source AI development services, where we help customers create and adapt machine learning models and data for specific embedded applications such as automotive, drone, robotics and more. Antmicro is also providing hardened embedded BSP and OTA update system development services, as well as building tailored cloud CI and management systems for real, in-the-field devices. Overall, we can help you get from a Jetson Xavier NX-worthy idea to an AI-capable product prototype in time to make a difference, and bring it to production-grade quality when you need to scale.

We are looking forward to using the Jetson NX in customer products, and while our open source Jetson baseboard is an excellent start for cusomized hardware designs, software development work is also possible thanks to NVIDIA’s software patch for the Jetson AGX Xavier devkit. If you are interested in working with us on a hardware design or software components (or both) for Jetson Xavier NX, coming in March 2020, the right time to start is now - write to us at contact@antmicro.com and inquire today.

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