Antmicro becomes associate member of DSP Valley


The network of Antmicro’s partnerships grows bigger as it becomes associate member of DSP Valley, a cluster of high-tech companies encompassing Belgium and the Netherlands.

DSP Valley logo

The relationship with the cluster began with taking part in yearly B2B meetings organized by DSP Valley in the beautiful city of Leuven, where the headquarters of the cluster are located. The B2B networking event is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and form new business relationships, a good example of what we discussed during the industry session at EWSN 2013: that any business starts with meeting the people behind it.

Following the participation in the SafeConnect project where DSP Valley was one of the clusters involved, as well as joint exhibition at EW 2013, the ties between the cluster and Antmicro have grown stronger, and the next logical step was to join the organization.

DSP Valley is a big and well-networked cluster, whose motto has shifted over the years from Digital Signal Processing to Designing Smart Products, a change reflecting a general tendency in the market to move towards more integrated systems and creating business value basing on good technology, rather than only focusing on the technology itself.

This tendency is a constant challenge to everyone in the high tech industry – pushing us towards technologies combining many formerly disconnected worlds and requiring different skillsets.

A good example is Xilinx Zynq, bringing together the fields of embedded software and FPGA, a topic Antmicro covered in an article in DSP Valley’s most recent newsletter, the first tangible outcome of our new partnetship.