Antmicro among semi-finalists of IPSO Challenge 2015


“The Internet Protocol for Smart Object (IPSO) Alliance has selected the top 10 entries for the third annual IPSO CHALLENGE. Entries represented IoT/M2M innovations in industrial, medical, commercial manufacturing, agricultural, home, sports/fitness, environmental and IoT technology”, reads the official press release published by the IPSO Challenge team. “The next step towards winning the $10,000 grand prize is for semi-finalists to successfully build a prototype. A panel of experts will then evaluate each entry on its design, deployment, ease of use and marketability.”

IPSO Challenge 2015

Antmicro is delighted to announce that its Smart Display with XML-defined GUI project has found itself among the distinguished few.

Nick Ashworth, Engineering and Technology Director at Eaton and Chair of the IPSO Challenge notices: “It becomes more challenging each year to select the 10 IPSO Challenge semi-finalists, reflecting the pace of innovation and adoption in the IoT. IPSO Alliance is proud to foster new companies and emerging products that have the potential to impact how we live and work.”

“Inspired by the great people we have the pleasure of working with, we decided to show the community what happens when you bring together things and ideas – a concept that lies at the very heart of IoT. Having joined the IPSO Alliance, Antmicro welcomes the opportunities created by promoting new technologies and opening up new horizons,” says Michael Gielda, Antmicro’s Business Development Manager. “We are eager to present our Smart Display and confident it will push the boundaries of what we have seen so far.”

Below, the IPSO CHALLENGE 2015 semi-finalists:

  • “An Internet of Things-based Rock Bolt for Mine Monitoring” – Lulea University of Technology, Sweden
  • “HeadsUp! – Monitoring the Post-Surgery Position of Retinal Detachment Patients” – Inria, France
  • “Intelligent Hospital Food Tray” – MobileBiomedical, LLC, USA
  • “Intelligent Thermostatic Radiator Valve for Heating System and Smart Home” – Team EISOX, France
  • “Ketsel Garden” – Ketsel, USA
  • “MicroPnP: Harnessing the Power of IPv6 for Ultra Low Power, Zero-Configuration IoT Networks” – KU Leuven, Belgium
  • “Smart Display with XML-defined GUI” – Antmicro AB, Sweden
  • “Smart Inventory System” – Hisham Moussa Daou, Lebanon
  • “The Better Mousetrap” – Pikes Peak Makerspace, USA
  • “Wireless Biomechanical Sensor System for Alpine Race Training”- ICT Research, LLC, USA

The IPSO CHALLENGE website is going to do a weekly feature of each of the semi-finalists until IPSO Alliance’s December IoT showcase at the Designers of Things conference in San Jose, CA. Antmicro is already looking forward to presenting the Smart Display at the event and meeting the other semi-finalists in person for an inspiring two days of competing with some of the best.

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Antmicro AB is an embedded technology company whose main focus is providing embedded development services for emerging applications and ecosystems. Building on internal R&D, Antmicro combines latest software and hardware technologies to create complex products for its customers. Antmicro’s projects often involve computer vision, FPGA SoCs, heterogeneous, multi-core and/or multi-node systems as well as operating systemslike Linux, Android, FreeBSD and RTOS like eCos, ConTiki and RIOT. Learn more about Antmicro at

About the IPSO Challenge

The IPSO CHALLENGE is a global competition designed to highlight real world applications of the Internet Protocol (IP) in the Internet of Things. The IPSO Alliance created the CHALLENGE to promote innovative concepts in interfaces, interactions, and applications utilizing IP sensor/control and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. Finalists and winners receive worldwide marketing exposure, mentorship, and support through IPSO’s network of leading industry experts. For more information and to enter, go to or follow the IPSO CHALLENGE on Facebook and Twitter.

About IPSO Alliance

The IPSO Alliance is a global forum that serves as a resource center and thought leader for industries seeking to establish the Internet Protocol as the basis for the IoT and M2M applications.
IPSO Alliance membership is open to any organization supporting an IP-based approach to connecting smart objects. For more information,