Antmicro's TX1/TX2 Deep Learning Kit released in Europe


Antmicro is proud to announce that the production version of the TX1/TX2 Deep Learning Kit, designed to harness the power of both the NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1 and the latest TX2, has been completed. Engineering samples are now available for B2B sale with shipment in Europe.
The kit had its premiere in Nuremberg at this year’s Embedded World where it was the heart of a segmentation neural network setup - an exclusive TX2 demonstrator prepared by Antmicro for NVIDIA’s EW booth - and has since been prepared for manufacturing as a stand-alone product.

Antmicro’s products and services for NVIDIA Jetson’s platform

The TX1/TX2 Deep Learning Kit is the second product in our range of Jetson-powered vision platforms - being the more capable successor of the low-power TK1 Smart Vision Kit.
Antmicro is an official NVIDIA Jetson Ecosystem Partner and offers both hardware, software and AI services around NVIDIA products.

Antmicro TX1/TX2 Deep Learning Kit box


The TX1/TX2 Deep Learning Kit is Antmicro’s response to the growing need of customers for off-the-shelf solutions in high-performance embedded vision processing for challenges involving object identification, tracking and other artificial intelligence tasks for drones and robotics. Coupled with dedicated software, the product is meant for engineers to kick-start sophisticated projects in the mentioned areas. Antmicro also provides advanced customization services for all of our Jetson products as well as complete software solutions such as BSPs, drivers, buildsystems, custom application software, video analysis algorithms and full product development.


Antmicro’s TX1/TX2 Deep Learning Kit is a comprehensive, CUDA/cuDNN-enabled camera setup: comprising a custom baseboard (with either the TX1 or the TX2 module - as per your request), up to 6 MIPI CSI-2 interfaces with dedicated custom camera boards - and all the accessories needed to get you started.

Antmicro TX1/TX2 Deep Learning Kit


Currently, Antmicro’s TX1/TX2 Deep Learning Kit is available for development purposes only and offered exclusively to B2B customers within Europe. Pending certification, the product will be released for global sales in the near future.

Availability & pricing

For lead times, quantities and prices, please write to Michael Gielda at or use the enquiry form at the end of our product page.