Antmicro sponsors ORConf 2018 with a focus on RISC-V and open tooling


As in previous years, Antmicro is happy to announce its sponsoring of ORConf 2018. With parties such as Google and the RISC-V Foundation also firmly on board as sponsors, this year’s edition promises the much needed presence of industry leaders in what has become a well-established celebration of best practices in open source.

ORConf logo

The three day event organized by the FOSSI Foundation, which brings together open source digital, semiconductor and embedded systems designers and users, will be taking place from September 21st to 23rd, 2018 in Poland at the Gdansk University of Technology.

With a rising tide of open source tooling such as Verilator, Chisel, SymbiFlow, Renode, Cocotb, FuseSoC and LiteX demonstrated in use in practical contexts in the industry, the conference is bound to mark a turning point in the once entirely proprietary landscape of FPGA and ASIC development. The agenda is packed with talks spanning a variety topics from IoT and wireless technologies, through simulation, debug, formal verification, new design paradigms and even an open source chip manufacturing process.

One of the key focuses will definitely be RISC-V, with the technological horizons and market-changing opportunities offered by open silicon in the broad sense. Michael Gielda, VP Business Development at Antmicro, will be giving two talks at the conference. Firstly, “RISC-V & Renode: towards software-driven development”, exploring the flexible open source simulation framework used by several RISC-V Foundation Members and consequently becoming a standard in co-designing software and hardware for scalable RISC-V systems.

Secondly, to give more background on how open silicon is already changing the industry, representing the RISC-V Foundation Antmicro will be proud to present a comprehensive RISC-V ecosystem update - a great chance to get a thorough insight into the matter ahead of the first global RISC-V Summit and learn about new implementations, ASIC and FPGA improvements and tools.

A Platinum Founding Member of the RISC-V Foundation, Antmicro offers assistance in edge AI projects involving leading open source technologies and early adoption of open tooling and the open RISC-V ISA. We are also a member of the Linux Foundation and actively contribute to the Zephyr Project, for which we are the general RISC-V maintainer. You can read more our open source undertakings at our Antmicro Open Source portal.

Join us on the fourth weekend of September in Gdansk to meet some of the influencing brainstormers of Europe’s open source community. Don’t forget to register before the event.