Open Jetson Nano / Xavier NX baseboard available for purchase


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Antmicro’s Open Jetson Nano / Xavier NX Baseboard has been the basis for a number of our customer projects, allowing various computer systems that we build to leverage the AI-capabilities of NVIDIA’s popular SoMs. While providing full product development services around the platform, we have received numerous inquiries about its availability from companies around the world looking to use it as the platform for their custom system development.

Jetson Nano/Xavier NX Basebaord

We are happy to announce that Antmicro’s carrier board for NVIDIA SoMs is now available for purchase from Capable Robot Components along with an array of accessories. We have teamed up with the US-based manufacturer, who shares our vision of open electronics, FPGA and software, to start manufacturing Antmicro’s design and include it in their offer. Also, custom variants of the board can be designed by Antmicro as per customer’s specification. With experience manufacturing the original design, also in more complex assemblies, Capable Robot has the necessary means to build custom variants as well.

Capable Robot Components and Antmicro logos

Small and customizable

The Jetson Nano / Xavier NX Baseboard is one of our flagship hardware platforms for designing custom computer systems. Originally created to expose all of Jetson Nano’s camera interfaces and some other critical I/O, while keeping an extremely compact footprint for robotics applications, the board has since been used in devices optimizing processes in industries spanning medical, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, defense and security.

The off-the-shelf availability of the baseboard means that our customers are able to quickly start preliminary development and, once they establish what more advanced functionalities they need, collaborate with us to build embedded AI-capable systems powered by NVIDIA’s popular SoMs and Antmicro’s hardware design.

Expanding functionality with a wide range of accessories

Exposing a range of I/O interfaces, such as Gigabit Ethernet, USB, PCIe, HDMI, MIPI CSI-2 and M.2 NVMe storage, the platform can be combined with a range of hardware accessories, such as camera boards, connection bridges and converters. Our engineers have developed various demonstration setups to showcase the board’s possible use cases and innovative applications. For example, we have established ultra-fast ethernet connection between two Nano / Xavier NX baseboards, anticipating the increased need for internet speed in future embedded systems. Also, the platform has been coupled with our open source dual-camera board to provide high responsiveness and hardware synchronization capability required by various industrial inspection systems. What is more, thanks to our work with Allied Vision, whose ALVIUM embedded camera series uses drivers from Antmicro, we have been helping a variety of industrial customers adopt high-class camera sensors. Owing to our dedicated flex cables, also available from Capable Robot, Allied Vision’s ALVIUM cameras are compatible with the baseboard, forming a ready-to-go development platform.

JNX Baseboard with accessories

Other pieces of the open ecosystem around the Nano / Xavier NX carrier board include a HDMI Input module and an SDI-to-MIPI bridge, which allows SDI-based systems to tap into the capabilities of embedded AI platforms.

Building on top of the Baseboard

Antmicro’s software services turn hardware into full systems. We develop edge AI algorithms that perform complex tasks in a range of industrial scenarios and we create dedicated drivers to support the most suitable sensors and components. Our portfolio includes developing BSPs, customizing operating systems and integrating user interfaces (e.g., we can run Android on Jetson Nano/Xavier NX to implement it’s GUI to an embedded system). Moreover, we have been creating Continuous Integration-based over-the-air systems for updating and management of devices, containerization-based solutions, edge-to-cloud AI pipelines and integrations with complex camera inputs via FPGA.

Free from royalties and licensing limitations, the open source baseboard is a robust and versatile platform for custom computer systems. The availability of the carrier board and our accessories from Capable Robot lowers the entry barrier for building custom products, as you can just purchase the necessary components, get started immediately, and let Antmicro customize your solutions at a later stage of the development. Get in touch with us at to find out how our hardware and software services can help you quickly bring your next advanced device to the market.

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